Simply put, Heather is your ideal realtor!

"To put it simply Heather is basically your ideal realtor. If you want someone who listens with patience and kindness to your million questions (yes we were THAT couple that asked her millions of questions), to show reassurance to issues that may arise, to guide you if its your first time. Heather is the girl.

We came to Heather after a bad realtor experience. I was so nervous. Heather to my husband and I was like a friend we always needed! Everything we needed in a house she found, issues that came up, she dealt with or gave us the resources to deal with it. This wasnt just a "let me buy you a house real quick and cash my check" experience that I was worried about. This was, Heather actually taking EVERYTHING into consideration and making something amazing happen.

Let me just say, I am the girl who complains, who if something isn't close to being right I say something. I can't find ANYTHING wrong to say about our experience with Heather. I'd refer(and have) to ANY family, any friends, anyone looking for a house.

We can't even thank you enough, words can't even describe it. I'm sitting writing this from our house of our dreams and it was thanks to you."